Logan (film)

Official Poster of Logan (film)
Official Poster of Logan (film)

Release Date: March 3, 2017

Hugh Jackman has played Wolverine for so long that it’s about difficult to envision any other individual in the part of the adamantium-tore X-Men mutant. Before long, Fox should make sense of who’ll be the following on-screen character to fill the role, yet to begin with, Jackman’s getting his swan tune with a third standalone Wolverine include. Now, the film’s plot is simply a matter of theory—the vast majority of which includes the idea that we could be in for an adjustment of Marvel’s Old Man Logan funny, around an other future form of the (about) imperishable legend. Be that as it may, in a late meeting, Jackman recommended Wolverine 3 could likewise achieve the arrival of Patrick Stewart’s Professor X, including yet another layer of conclusion for long-term fanatics of the franchise.


In March 2015, Mangold expected taping would begin “early next year.” On May 9, 2016, Kinberg said recording had started. Additionally in May, Elizabeth Rodriguez was in transactions to join the cast. In late August 2016, recording for Logan wrapped.