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Skywind and Skyblivion mods get sexy new trailers

Skywind and Skyblivion Mods get Sexy new Trailers

Both fan projects are looking good, however will either be out before The Elder Scrolls 6? Skywind and Skyblivion are fan-made tasks that expect to revamp the Elder Scrolls RPGs Morrowind and Oblivion inside...

Added first released image of Justice League team

Top 10 Upcoming Movies 2017 [MUST WATCH]

In spite of the fact that 2016 has as of now been an epic year for motion pictures, it practically feels like a warm-up when you take a gander at the considerable rundown of...

Will HBO’s Westworld Be Worth $100 Million1

Will HBO’s Westworld Be Worth $100 Million?

The Hollywood Reporter turned out with an article expressing that they’ve heard the financial plan for the whole first period of HBO’s Westworld, 10 episodes, was $100 million. The pilot alone $25 million itself....